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 Crocodile gekcos???

does anyone know anything about crocodile gekcos???

08/25/12  12:37am


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  Message To: Knb   In reference to Message Id: 2277788

 Crocodile gekcos???

they are very fiesty and do not like to be held but are wonderful creatures o look at and they eat crickets

09/09/12  08:13pm


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  Message To: Lizardlol   In reference to Message Id: 2279683

 Crocodile gekcos???


10/14/12  02:35pm


Kelso reptiles
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  Message To: Rjw0928   In reference to Message Id: 2282838

 Crocodile geckos???

the crocodile gecko AKA the Moorish wall gecko is a gecko native to Europe and the Mediterranean. they reach a length of about 8 inches but more commonly 6 inches. they are nocturnal and feed primarily on insects near and around light fixtures around houses. they have been introduced invasive into the united states in a few areas in California, Florida and other places. they need a about a 20 gallon though a ten would work good for one maybe a pair. a basking temp of about 85 and a room temp of about 75 -80. provide a water bowl to soak in though they probably wont drink from the bowl you will need to mist the tank about 2 times a day on the walls and plants to drink the dewlaps. provide meal worms and crickets the size of in between the eyes.

10/14/12  06:19pm

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