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Gecko of Orange
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 Tokay gecko in my backyard!?

(this is a repost of a thread in the Tokay forums, just trying to get responses ASAP).

I live in Florida, and I found this guy hanging out right in front of my window during a storm .... looks a lot like a Tokay! can anyone confirm this?

07/22/12  09:12am


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  Message To: Gecko of Orange   In reference to Message Id: 2274240

 Tokay gecko in my backyard!?

That’s a tokay alright. I’d capture it and take it out of the wild. They need a 30+ gallon tank with places to hide and a dirt-type substrate. Eat crickets, mealworms, and supers. Needs a calcium supplement to thrive in captivity. Needs a lamp with a 60 or 75 watt bulb to maintain temps. And will need a vet visit to de-worm the guy eventually. You can keep it for life, or take it to an exotic rehab (call the local shelter to get an address, or take it to the shelter and they’ll deliver...)

Chances are someone had it as a pet once and it got free, or - more likely - was released when it started biting the owner. Tokays are not friendly when it comes to temperament... But they do make neat pets.

On another note, some people may say that they do well in a 20 or 10 gallon. 30 is best as a minimum tank size. Seriously. They get big when healthy. And they’ll move around a lot during the night.

When you go to catch the guy, either get a box and hold it infront of him, guiding him in with pokes, or - wearing gloves - grab the tokay over the shoulders. If you grab the tail it will come off, so be warned.

07/22/12  02:09pm


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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2274262

 Tokay gecko in my backyard!?

Well, actually Kelli, tokays are just another of those herp species that has run wild in S. Fla. as a result of released pets. They are known to be established here in certain areas, which can’t be good news for some of the smaller native species...

07/30/12  06:51pm

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