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 Pictus gecko housing requirements question...?

I’ve been looking into pictus geckos these days and some people have tropical setups and some have desert setups, which is pretty odd. are they a desert or tropical species? what humidity level is best for them?


04/01/12  10:37pm


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  Message To: Soybean   In reference to Message Id: 2261070

 Pictus gecko housing requirements question...?

The problem you’re encountering is that Pictus Geckos and Dune Geckos are both small and look alike. One, the pictus (Paroedura Pictus), is from the southern islands of Madagascar. The other, dune (Stendoactylus petrii), is from Isreal. One hides in leaf-litter during the day with a moderate humidity and temperature level (50 to 70%, 85-89F hot side), the other burrows into sand to escape the heat during the day.

The problem really stems from the fact that Pictus geckos have many subtitles such as Ocelot, panther, etc. And so do Dune geckos, honestly. So they get mixed up when it comes to pet stores and owners alike. Check google images, searching by the latin names, to see which one you have, then adjust your set up accordingly.

Sorry it took me so long to get to this thread. Been busy.

04/04/12  12:19am


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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2261355

 Pictus gecko housing requirements question...?

thanks for the reply:)
i meant the paroedura picta... ocelot/pictus/pather/big headed/ etc. gecko
i read many care sheets and their humidity requirements are fairly high so I’m guessing they lean toward the tropical side... but it seems many people still have desert setups :P

i’m guessing it’s more tropical since you did say they like leaf litter and the humidity, but it is still a mystery how they are still kept in desert conditions XD

anyways thanks for the reply:)

04/06/12  10:45pm

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