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I would like to know what lizard everyone would suggest as the best for me. Here are some things to keep in mind...
-small. not a monitor or tegu. something that is less than 3 ft long
-handleable. I know that lizards and reptiles are not really known to be something to be holding a lot, but
not going to run away at the first chance.
-food... i am cool with vegetables, any worms, rodents, fruits, special pellet do-das. I have snakes, not
had many lizards in the past, and this is because crickets are a NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!

I know there are no perfect lizards. I can compromise on a lot of stuff. just tell me what you think.

03/19/12  07:17pm


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Perfect lizard for you would be a leopard gecko. They only grow to about 10 inches long, are extremely hardy, one of the very few lizards out there that can tolerate handling once in a while, can be fed an exclusive diet of mealworms, and fit everything you want. Their tank set up is relatively cheap, they’re all captive bred, and they live forever (16 to 20 some years) if kept properly. They also come in all sorts of colors and patterns (morphs). Many people have leos, and veterinarians around the country are extremely familiar with them.

The only real thing to be aware of when getting a leopard gecko is to stay away from loose substrates like sand and bark, as the leo will eat it at random and get plugged up. It’s one of the most common problems out there.

If a leo isn’t up your alley, crested gecko. All captive bred, will somewhat tolerate handling, and can be fed exclusively a ’crested gecko diet’, which is a mush mixture you can get at the pet supply store. There are two downsides to cresties: one is that their tail will not re-grow if it drops off, the other is that they have to be kept in temperatures at or below 80 F (crested geckos will overheat easily if the tank temps get too high).

I would throw in bearded dragons, however they need crickets or roaches (or superworms) as well as vegis, and mealworms are out as far as I know. They are the ’cow tame’ lizard of the reptile market. More expensive to keep than the geckos.

All three lizards recommended above are listed as ’beginner lizards’ due to their handle-friendliness and ease of keep.

Keep in mind that ’handling’ a lizard is different from a dog or cat. All reptiles will stress if removed from their climate-controlled tank for a long period of time. Leopard geckos sometimes need to be ’hand tamed’ before they’ll accept it.

03/19/12  08:04pm


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Thank you a ton. i will research all of these and hopefully get one.

03/20/12  10:27am


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  Message To: Snakenator   In reference to Message Id: 2259469


Thumbs up on leopard geckos. Very cool lizard as well as a good pet -- you can’t go wrong with it.

03/23/12  04:46pm

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