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I went to PETCO one of these days, I was shocked to see the really bad care for the gecko’s i saw one that was only skin and bones but still alive very weak. So i went the next week to buy him and he was dead the girl just grabbed him out of the tank and threw him in the trash I was so angry there was another little geckos so skinny and still alive so i decided to rescue him. I bough him brought him home and set him up but he doesn’t want to eat at all.. I’ve tried the worms, crickets I don’t know what what else to do it wont eat or drink or anything I’m wondering.... I do have experience with reptiles i have two monitors somebody help PLZZZZ.

01/15/12  03:56pm


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Going to be blunt here, but if you have two monitors you should by now know better than to give money to pet stores for emaciated reptiles. They’re going to use that money to buy more and repeat the process. Buying is not rescuing; they still made cash in the end.

That and, also often, the reptile may be extremely sick with something. Crypto comes to mind, which has ravaged pet store and breeder lizard populations in the past (especially leopard geckos). The disease is extremely contagious and can wipe out all reptiles you own if they catch it. It also takes two or so months before you see symptoms.

Now that you have the guy, you should see a vet. They’ll check for parasites and tell you what you could do in the meantime. You also only say it’s a ’gecko’. There are tons of species of gecko out there. If we don’t know what species it is, we can’t begin to help with tank requirements and making sure your husbandry is correct.

01/15/12  07:24pm

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