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my panther gecko hasnt been eating for the last couple of weeks or so. she isn’t acting the same, she used to hide in one of her houses until night time came around but now she wont go in them and lays outside in the open. her tail has gotten noticeably smaller and i’m worried about her. i feed her about 5 or so crickets every other day and this was working just fine for the entire year that i’ve had her. i put peat moss and in her house to retain moisture for shedding. one of my friends said it could be because she’s getting ready to lay eggs because of the season? i hope its just something like that but any additional info is greatly appreciated!!

12/02/11  05:42pm


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If she’s getting noticeably thin, it’s best to check out your local vet and get a more professional insight on the matter. The only thing we can really help you with is husbandry, and there are so many other things that could be wrong - such as parasites or impaction (both common) - which the vet can fix.

And I don’t even know how you set up your tank, nor the temps... Nor the humidity levels... Nothing. So helping out with husbandry is also a little hard at the moment.

Even then, like I said, if she’s getting thin quick-like, then something else is up. Lizards have an extremely slow metabolism, and getting thin out of nowhere isn’t part of it.

12/02/11  07:10pm

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