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 What is my gecko

I was given a gecko and I’m trying to find out what breed he is. Can someone help? I uploaded a pic and he is about 8in long

10/23/11  03:02pm


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  Message To: Missmisssa   In reference to Message Id: 2241641

 What is my gecko

Looks like a tokay gecko! Wow, your lucky to have gotten one they are so fascinating!

10/23/11  08:21pm


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  Message To: Baja   In reference to Message Id: 2241694

 What is my gecko

How and where’d you get it?Btw it’s a Tokay Gecko.

10/26/11  11:52am


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  Message To: DanaJ   In reference to Message Id: 2241989

 What is my gecko

You can buy Tokay gecko’s in california at a reptile store called LLLReptile any day of the week, and they have a website too. there is another place called pet kingdom that sales them like crazy. i got mine for 10$

11/11/11  02:47pm


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  Message To: OneMode   In reference to Message Id: 2243843

 What is my gecko

That’s a tokay gecko they are really pretty and I was thinking about getting one :)

01/05/12  10:57pm

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