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I’m hoping to get a breeding pair of leopard geckos.But I’m having as much luck as a whale living out of water.I’m hoping to find a good breeder.Does anybody know a good breeder?

09/25/11  09:16pm


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oO I vaguely remember seeing your name before.

A problem with getting a breeding pair from a breeder is that they 1. Need breeding pairs, and 2. if you get two leos, they may be from the same clutch or related in some way... Have you ever considered going to an expo and getting a male and female adult leo from two separate breeders with clean backgrounds? Craigslist is also full of owners that didn’t realize that leos live 20 some years and just want to get rid of them because ’They’re no longer cool’.

On the by, are you ready for breeding? One gravid female leo will pop out up to 16 eggs a season. That’s 16 possible hatchlings that will need tanks, feeding, etc, and wont give you much money in return if you try to get rid of them. You’ll actually spend more money breeding a single breeding pair than you will make from sending off the offspring. That and the male and female cannot be together indefinitely because of over-breeding, they will have to be separated for most of their lives.

Are you prepared for any injuries the leos may sustain from breeding? Males will bite females to copulate. Males will also sometimes get a prolapse, which requires immediate vet help, and young or underweight females may get eggbound, which may result in death.

On top of this, you need to consider that so many other people are breeding and trying to get rid of leos out there right now; there is a surplus of the little lizards. Backyard breeding leopard geckos is increasingly common and leos are quite possibly the most prolific pet lizards out there right now on the market. That not only means you may have a tough time getting rid of the hatchlings, but you also may have to cut losses and sell them at a far lower level than other breeders out there. Then you’ll have the thought of little kids improperly taking care of the guys, throwing them on calcisand, and killing them early - which is also stupidly common in the reptile pet-ownership world.

09/26/11  12:49pm

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