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 Giant Day Geckos and Leaf Tails

Hey guys,
I’ve been reading up on these two for quite some time and am thinking I’m about ready to add them to my "family"...possibly in the next couple months. I would ultimately like to have a pair of female giant day geckos (mainly because I can’t decide if I like the crimson line more than the blue bloods) and a giant leaf tail. As usual though, i am, a year later, STILL trying to decide on the one that interests me the most. I’m a decisive one, what can I say?

The point to my thread is just looking for insite from those of you who currently house them. Their temperments, how they do as pairs, etc. I am not looking to breed either of these.
If you would like to slap a couple pics up that would be great! I would love to see them!
Before anyone says it....i will not be housing them together. They will be in their own enclosures and quarantined before adding to the reptile room.

Thanks in advance everyone.

12/21/10  12:44am


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  Message To: Seahorse   In reference to Message Id: 2193535

 Giant Day Geckos and Leaf Tails

Hey, girl!

One word here struck me. Temperament. I work at a small pet store (not the PetSmart/PetCo/Chain type!!) and we currently have a giant day gecko and he’s uhh... basically like a green anole! When I take his tank down to spray it or something he starts bolting around. So definitely not handlable and I’d venture to guess they’d probably be the easily stressed type.

01/12/11  07:31pm


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  Message To: Thirteen   In reference to Message Id: 2197926

 Giant Day Geckos and Leaf Tails

Thanks for your reply. Was starting to wonder if anyone here had any first-hand experience with either of these. Lol
A skiddish gecko isn’t really a deterant for me. I understand they arent puppies and I’m not looking for anything that craves attention. My dog is needy enough. Ha! It does sound like a good opportunity to build trust with a new species. I was thinking since I have an entire room of nocturnal critters, I would probably do a display tank or something for the day geckos.
I’m one of those keepers that enjoys looking at everyone but not so much picking them up on a regular basis. I’ve got three leos and a garg here that climb out to visit but I tend to view myself as a stresser for them (considering they are reptiles) and handle some as little as possible. Others get handled regularly. It all depends on their dispositions.
So, I guess this is the loooong winded way of me saying a skittish gecko is ok with me. They’re still magnificent creatures.
I would be in heaven if I got to go to work and mess with animals all day! Of course, I would probably end up buying them all. Lol
Thanks for your input, Thirteen! : ) I bet he’s gorgeous...

01/13/11  09:39am

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