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 Tokay geckos [need tips]

i am 13 and i am going to get tokay geckos soon and i need tips

03/19/13  08:22pm


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  Message To: Kelckmdo   In reference to Message Id: 2294042

 Tokay geckos [need tips]

20 or 30 gallon tank for one us coconut fiber as substrate and make sure the humidity is 80 percent and use lots of plants and branches because they are a rboreal

07/08/13  07:48pm


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  Message To: Geckoboy111100   In reference to Message Id: 2299380

 Tokay geckos [need tips]

I thought about getting one myself until I was told by several people that they are usually mean, actually mostly all are mean. Just wanted you to know that.

02/04/14  02:43am


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  Message To: Wyland2222   In reference to Message Id: 2303373

 Tokay geckos nature

I hear they are usually quite defensive/aggressive and are prone to bite. In rare cases, I understand, they can become tame. My Tokay is actually about 15 years old, older than is usual, I am told, and became tame at some point. My late wife was able to pick her up and pet her. I can pick her up and move her to another part of the cage so I can clean the area. She is really quite cute and stares at you at night. It is unusual for them to become tame, I think.

There are probably easier Geckos for beginner lizard owners, as I understand it, like Leopard Geckos.

04/15/14  10:10pm

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