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 Tokay gecko eggs! need advise

Hi, I am new to this forum. I have a pair of very healthy and active Tokay geckos. They are wonderful specimens and I really enjoy them. Although they are a male and female pair I had no intentions of breeding them, but would be excited if they bred on their own :)

On Sept 30th I found a clutch of two eggs stuck to the side of their basking log. I did not attempt to remove them and since the ambient temp and humidity of the cage remains rather stable I decided to just leave them be. ( on a side note I will post more info on these Tokays, they have rather fascinating parenting instincts and are always taking turns protecting the eggs)

It is now Jan 20, almost 4 months later. The eggs appear viable on the outside, they are a perfect shade of white, with no mold or indentations and have grown slightly since first laid. However, I was starting to get concerned when I noticed that they seem to be nearing the end of the normal incubation time frame (although probably the fact that they are still in the cage may extend that incubation time)

Anyways, I did the flashlight trick to see inside the eggs, and the light shows through mostly, with only a little blob of dark in one corner. I am afraid the eggs are empty and not viable at all, but I assumed that if this were so they would have shriveled up.

Can someone with any experience in this matter offer me an opinion on my Tokay eggs? It would be much appreciated. Should I keep waiting for baby Tokay eggs or are these eggs dead?

FYI I do have an incubator for future egg laying and will not leave them in the cage if I don’t need to.

I can post a follow up with pics in the next couple days.


01/21/13  01:02pm


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  Message To: Billyboy1138   In reference to Message Id: 2290139

 Tokay gecko eggs! need advise

Okay nevermind. My eggs are fine and I am looking forward to baby tokay geckos soon. I did the flashlight trick and shined a light through them. This time I can see prominent growing dark spots and I swear that in one of the eggs is a well defined tokay gecko head with two dark eyes. It’s pretty incredible and I can try to take a picture of it.

the incubation time is much longer due to the inconsistent temp so a 24 hour blacklight was placed above the eggs to aid in consistent heat.

02/01/13  09:14pm

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