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Jkillion   Papa Brickhouse  

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 Sick tokay gecko need advice urgently

I have a two tokay geckos a male and a female. The male is healthy but my female tokay gecko is acting very strange. When I came home I noticed her on the ground layin very still her mouth is full of coconut fiber and she’s really dark. She did respond when I tried to remove the coconut fiber from her mouth, but shes still laying on the ground and her foot has a slight twitch. I’m not sure what I should do to help her or if she’s just pregnant.... Please help

12/23/12  07:01pm


Papa Brickhouse
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 Sick tokay gecko need advice urgently

She probably ate too much of that coconut fiber.. They will eat that stuff and its dangerous for them.. Just use regular wood bedding... Also for her feed her some of this non color/flavored pedialyte.. Check the baby section of walmart or target.. Also get a small syringe ( one for free from the pharmacy ) and make her open her mouth and pour some in for her... She might be really dehydrated this stuff will work better than the sports drinks. and it will help her disgust the stuff she ate..
Good luck!

02/02/13  08:39pm

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