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 Observation re: nasty disposition

Like most, my Tokay had a hair trigger, defensive, vocal, try to tear you a new one every time he needed to be removed from the cage for cleaning or anything...He left marks on me even through the Jersey gloves on several occasions.

Well, a little over a year ago I caught a large Green frog. At the time I didn’t have an enclosure suitable, and wondered if she might be a "roommate" candidate for Quattro, the Tokay.

I figured it would be a wash, as far as who might try to eat who...they had roughly the same mouth size. I decided to give it a go.

At first Quattro was VERY suspicious of this newcomer...just kept his distance. But over a period of about a week, he edged closer to her, flicking his tongue as I’ve seen him do when he’s attempting to gather more info about something unfamiliar. Soon he was right there next to her, checking her out at point-blank range.

To my surprise, the frog didn’t seem terribly worried about it. Before long, the two of them were often seen side-by-side, just hanging out together. They stayed clear of each other while feeding, but otherwise almost seemed to enjoy each other’s company, if I didn’t know better.

The frog spent a lot of her time submerged in the water bowl...which didn’t bother Quattro, as he has no interest in the water bowl AT ALL...I’ve only seen him get near it maybe twice in all the years I’ve had him. I just keep it in there to help humidity level.

Well the year passed with the two of them sharing space...and I noticed as time went on, Quattro became much less jumpy....I think the constant presence of something else in there that moved around might have toned down his overactive defensive responses...kind of "full immersion therapy" of a sort. Taught him to be more tolerant, less jumpy, and perhaps a little "humble" knowing he wasn’t the only predator in town...

So as summer wound down, I felt it was time to let the frog go back to her pond, to pass on her genes and live a normal frog life....I’d enjoyed watching her but I’d learned all I could. I let her go, and watched her swim out to the center of the pond, getting to really stretch her legs for the first time in a year.

That night, I noticed Quattro was clinging to the rim of the bowl, obviously looking for the frog, sweeping his head back and forth and tilting from side to doubt he was wondering where his "friend" went...

Amazingly, I’ve found since that I have no issues reaching in and picking him up bare-handed...long as he sees it coming and isn’t startled, he’ll tolerate me reaching in there to change things, etc...before he was always on the attack, and I had to watch it or wear the glove...

A complete transformation of disposition...Really seems that at least in this case, a little socialization was the key to a more laid-back Tokay...

I just found it very interesting. Thought others might too.

11/01/12  09:49am


Kelso reptiles
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  Message To: Jeffco67   In reference to Message Id: 2284325

 Observation re: nasty disposition

honestly this is really cool and all.. but you should never put two different species of animals together... its cool that they got along but you could of gave your tokay parasites fromn the wild frog.. and then you went and let it go what if your tokay had parasites then he just passed them on to the frog and tyoiu passed them on to the wild population...sorry to nagg but its just bad parenting

11/03/12  05:41pm

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