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 Crazy Tokay

My girl works at petco and we were studying up on how to tame a tokay.. she did it and was able to put her hand under his head and he almost stepped up. He ran around her hand and as she went ot shut the cage he ran up the side and jumped on her and then on the floor and we had to chase him for a few mins. THen i blocked him with my feet and he climbed up my pant leg!!!!! It was sooo scary! Note to self.... dont put feet in the way...

10/02/12  09:44am


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 Crazy Tokay

Yeah they will naturally walk up onto a hand if you kind of shove it slowly under them....but once they realize what’s going on, they try to escape...and yes, they are fast. And if you try to grab them, they’ll usually turn their head around and bite you repeatedly and if you don’t let go, they’ll latch on. You have to hold them right behind the head because they can twist around and bite back otherwise. Surprisingly strong too, can be hard to hold onto a really squirmy one.

But once they realize they can’t move, and the hand is kinda warm and comfy, they usually settle down and relax and just accept the situation.

If you want to see what the inside of the mouth looks like, put your other hand up to its face (stay outta range though) and they’ll usually open their mouth wide threatening to bite, and leave it like that so you can look in there. It’s not a pretty place. You’ll see the sharp ridges in there. They also have a hard tube that comes up in the bottom of the mouth, that’s how they breathe even with a face fulla prey...

11/01/12  10:08am

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