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Gecko of Orange
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 Tokay gecko in my backyard!?

I live in Florida, and I found this guy hanging out right in front of my window during a storm .... looks a lot like a Tokay! can anyone confirm this?

07/22/12  09:04am


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  Message To: Gecko of Orange   In reference to Message Id: 2274239

 Tokay gecko in my backyard!?

confirmed its a Tokay

08/21/12  05:12pm


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  Message To: Freak696   In reference to Message Id: 2277478

 Tokay gecko in my backyard!?

yeap!!! that is a tokay gecko!!!

09/04/12  05:43pm


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  Message To: Bawner00   In reference to Message Id: 2278982

 Tokay gecko in my backyard!?

Wouldn’t surprise me if Florida has a decent wild population of them going...climate is right, plenty of food...I read once that some landlords with bad insect infestations were buying them and turning them loose in their properties to help control bugs...but of course eventually they find their way out....and I’m sure many have been turned loose by people tired of caring for them...some don’t realize it’s a long term commitment...they live ten years or so in the wild, but can live up to 20 in captivity...

11/01/12  10:15am


Papa Brickhouse
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  Message To: Jeffco67   In reference to Message Id: 2284329

 Tokay gecko in my backyard!?

he outta be glad that I wasnt there.. I would have caught him and kept him lolz

02/02/13  08:44pm


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  Message To: Papa Brickhouse   In reference to Message Id: 2291171

 Tokay gecko in my backyard!?

leave wild animals alone

07/01/13  11:39pm

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