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 Sick Gecko with mouth rot

Hi I am kind of new here .
I have a gecko from my friend for about 3 months. He seem like a reserve gecko spend most of his time hidden , only active at night .
Recently he has some kind of a Mouth Rot that was developing some kind of white discharge .
I did some research and I tried to move him to the warmer area .
Now the white discharge has gone. but the the flaming is still there and though he seem to be eating . the consumption is much lower then before . The poos has gotten much smaller .

I am worry about him and it is extremely hard to find a Vet for reptile in my place . most of them only treat Dogs and Cats .

Now i live in the tropical weather area with humidity of 60% temp raging from 25-38 ’ C and above , do i still need to use the lamp to warm him up ? i am just worry that if i use the lamp it will be too hot for him .

Please help .
Mean time i have a fond the vet that seem to treat Gecko and tomorrow hopefully i will take him there

Any information regarding this Month rot is much appreciated and need help to set up the enclosure properly as this is my first gecko .

Thanks in advance

04/18/12  01:40pm


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  Message To: RHC   In reference to Message Id: 2263281

 Sick Gecko with mouth rot

Were you able to take it to the vet?

04/22/12  03:45pm

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