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 Tokay feeding

okay so not to long ago i bought a tokay gecko from my local pet store. it was already full grown, huge and soposedly female. When i got her i also asked to get her feeding chart that the employes used to keep track of what it was fed. it was fed about once every two or three weeks or so from what i remember. it looked healthy then and looks great now i try to feed it everyday superworms and somtimes i can get her to eat them same goes for the pinkys. its like she only eats every two or three weeks just a little is that bad? her current weight when i got her was 140 and now it is at 127 its been about 6 months scince ive had her shes in a twenty galon long tank thats tiped on its side for more vertical climbing. anyone think they can help me.

03/23/12  02:35am


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  Message To: SBLizzzard   In reference to Message Id: 2259775

 Tokay feeding

That’s pretty strange but I guess it fluctuates depending on the temperature and everything else, my female tokay gets fed adult male dubia roaches every two or three days,Can you give some details on your exact set up from what kind of heat source vertical climbing spaces humidity and everything else inside of it?

04/12/12  01:36am


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  Message To: C3_4_quad   In reference to Message Id: 2262451

 Tokay feeding

Like all reptiles they need heat for thier digestion to work. Most common reason for not eating is being too cold. Mine eats anything and everything I put in there, immediately. I feed him whatever I find on a daily basis in the warm months, including crickets, cicadas, moths, grasshoppers, worms, baby mice, tree frogs, you name it, he’ll eat it.

In the winter I buy crickets mostly, at least once a week. I drop two dozen in and he’ll eat 12-15 in the first five minutes, the rest over the next hour or so.

The only times he’s ever NOT been interested in devouring anything that moves is right after I move his aquarium, or for a day or so after shedding his skin (probably because he eats the old skin)...

11/01/12  04:28pm

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