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DanaJ   Teedawg  

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 New Tokay

I have a new Tokay Gecko named Spots and is a mature female,I’m looking forward to getting a male for babies. She lives in a 135 Custom Made Tank. I know it’s unnessicary for such a small reptile. But,It was very cheap. Very suprised they charged us only 25$ just for it. So she’s in a forest like a cage that gets about 90-94 during the day and 85 at night. I have 4 ultra violet lights for her and 4 heatlamps,of course the cage’s pretty big in width

10/17/11  09:22am


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  Message To: DanaJ   In reference to Message Id: 2240841

 New Tokay

Awesome I am trying to get a bigger cage

12/30/11  11:05pm

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