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 Tokay escaped!!! Ahhh!!!

My tokay gecko escaped. I’m not sure exactly when she got out but I think it was either Friday or Saturday. I’ve looked everywhere I could think she may possibly be and I’ve even tried playing a males bark off YouTube to see if she might come out of hiding. I’m not sure if she got out of the house, hopefully not, but does anyone have any advice that might help me find her?

Thanks in advance.

10/13/10  03:28am


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  Message To: PSLizardLady   In reference to Message Id: 2180803

 Tokay escaped!!! Ahhh!!!

look behind curtains & pictures that’s where my friends tokays were found

10/13/10  09:21pm


1 Justizn
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  Message To: Camo_pants   In reference to Message Id: 2180983

 Tokay escaped!!! Ahhh!!!

If its a male tokay he will let your know where he is at about 2 A.M. My male tokay got loose once and in the middle of the night I got an unwanted wake up call!

11/10/10  09:30pm


Papa Brickhouse
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  Message To: 1 Justizn   In reference to Message Id: 2186849

 Tokay escaped!!! Ahhh!!!

Look for her at night!! Or when you first come home come in quietly and start looking around right away.. Or when you wake up in the middle of the night.. and use a flash light to find them .. Think like a gecko!

11/18/10  02:03am

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