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 Sick White Lined Gecko

I have a white lined gecko that i rescued from someone who wasn’t taking care of him about 6 months ago. On monday night his eye was huge and swollen. It was also really cloudy and looked super painful. The next day I took him to a vet who said she wasn’t sure if it was a retained eye lid or an infection. She gave me drops to put in his eye twice a day, which I have been doing. Yesterday (Friday) I brought him in my bathroom and turned on the hot water to let him have a steam bath. I turned off the light and let him sit in there for a few minutes. When I came back his eye was perfectly fine again.

Now, however, his mouth looks weird. It looks a little bit swollen and red along the opening (or "lips" if thats what you want to call them). Yesterday (Friday) he also shed his skin. Normally he eats it and yesterday he wouldn’t. I also haven’t seen him eat any crickets but it looks like he still has food in his stomach (you can see it in there when you shine his light on his back).

I was told to put the drops in his eye for 10 days. I’m not sure if I should continue doing that because the process REALLY stresses him out. I normally don’t handle him so having to catch him twice a day has really been stressfull on both of us. Since the eye was better in a matter of minutes, I am thinking that he probably had a retained eye lid. There is also the possibility it was infected and I am worried if it was the infection has spred internally. I have read about mouth rot. Does this sound like mouth rot to anyone? Should I continue the drops?

His crickets are always dusted and gut loaded with fluckers cricket food and gel water substance (Vitamin d3 is included in all of that). He lives in a glass aquarium with coconut fiber substrate. He has a daytime and a night time light. I regularly mist the cage and bring it in the bathroom when I get showers so he gets that humidity as well. Right now he is responsive and clings to the glass as well as he always has. It is labor day weekend so the soonest that I’ll be able to get him back to the vet will be on tuesday. PLEASE any suggestions will help. I have pictures of both his eye and his poor mouth which looks bloody but i cant figure out how to post them.

09/04/10  03:38pm

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