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Physical characteristics

The Tokay Gecko is the second largest Gecko species, attaining lengths of about 30–40cm (11–15 inches) for males, and 20–30cm (7–11 inches) for females, with weights of 150–300g (5–10 oz). They are distinctive in appearance, with a bluish or greyish body, sporting spots ranging from light yellow to bright red. The male is more brightly coloured than the female. They have large eyes with a vertical slit pupil.
Males are very territorial, and will attack other male Tokays as well as other Gecko species, as well as anything else in their territory. They are solitary and only meet during the mating season. Females lay clutches of one or two hard shelled eggs which are guarded until they hatch. [1] Tokay Geckos feed on insects and small vertebrates. [2]
The typical lifespan is 7–10 years, however in captivity some Tokays have been known to live over 18 years.

Tokays are renowned for their loud vocalizations. Their mating call, a loud croak, is variously described as sounding like tokeh or gekk-gekk, where both the common and the scientific name (deriving from onomatopoeic names in Malay, Sundanese, Tagalog, or Javanese), as well as the family name Gekkonidae and the generic term gecko come from. The call is similar to the call made by Gekko smithii (Large Forest Gecko).

"Tokay Gecko mating call"

Mating call of a male Tokay gecko
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The Tokay is also considered the "pitbull" of the Gecko world due to the fact that when they bite, they often won’t let go for up to several hours at a time or even several days, and generally cannot be forcibly removed without causing harm to the Gecko. One way of getting a Tokay to release its hold is to submerge the animal in water, which will encourage the lizard to let go, without causing it any harm or undue stress. A less stressful method is to simply put a drop of vinegar in the gecko’s mouth. This is sometimes enough to get them to let go.

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 Faq sheet

copy and paste

your credible

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Geicko gecko
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 Faq sheet

ohh no i got it from wikipedia

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