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 Tokay color!!

hi!!! yesterday I got my first tokay, I’m so happy, it s all I wanted since i was a child (10 years ago), he is a male, I named him Darwin, but I’m worried, when i bought it he was a bit dark, after 30 minutes in a little box he turned into black, even the brigth blue spots on his back had desapeared, he slept in his terrarium, and by noon today he was bright gorgeous blue.... i was in love jajaja, but i needed to put some coconut fiber in, so i took himjust 1 minute to do this, and..... he turned dark again, is this normal?

10/05/09  04:51pm


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 Tokay color!!

being moved to a new home will stress out most lizards. Give him some time to settle in and I’m sure he will be bright gorgeous blue self in no time!!

10/05/09  06:57pm


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 RE:Tokay color!!

Tokays will change colors due to whether they are stressed as 1Justizn said and how they are feeling, happy or sad. i have found my two when happy are gorgeous blue and when stressed turn dark.

10/11/09  11:30am

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