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 Hugh problem...

I recently purchased a Tokay from the local pet store...
I have visited this pet store on a regular basis.. And in the most part , there animals are well looked after
But when i seen this tokay I had to get it .. It was really skinny , and looked Very dehydrated .. So i Bought her to nurse her back to health . I’m guessing that due to there nature the employees would give the care needed . I’ve tried Crickets, superworms and pinkies ... She won’t eat . I’m misting the glass just so I can see her drink which she does . But i’m afraid that her time is running out .. My local vet doesn’t know anything about tokays, or any geckos... And the only Doctor that does is on vacation till july 25th...
I really don’t know what to do ... Please help !!!!

06/23/09  03:55pm


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  Message To: Sammy_Spider   In reference to Message Id: 2027626

 Hugh problem...

If you are really desperate, you can force feed. I usually don’t recommend it since if it is not done properly you can damage the animal. I find the best force feeding food is live crickets with the legs pulled off. You are going to need to handle the animal. Once you have a good grip (not too tight) on the animal, they will probably already have their mouth open (if not, blow on the snout or tap it with a pen or something not sharp). Using tweezers, place the cricket on the back of the tongue. The animal should have a mouth closing reflex which will lead to them swallowing. If they do not swallow completely, you will need someone to hold the mouth shut while you gently, very gently, massage the throat down wards towards the belly. That should help ease the un-swallowed cricket down. If you do not feel comfortable doing that, go ahead and put the animal back in it’s cage and it should eventually swallow the cricket on it’s own. Also, make sure that the crickets are dusted with calcium, especially if the animal hasn’t eaten in awhile.

I hope you are able to help the little dude!

06/23/09  09:02pm


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  Message To: Drwhoo85   In reference to Message Id: 2027760

 Hugh problem...

Thank you so much ..
I’ll try that tonight hopefully all goes well.. I want the little one to live a great life ..
Thanks once again

06/23/09  09:15pm


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  Message To: Sammy_Spider   In reference to Message Id: 2027765

 Hugh problem...

my guess would be that it is riddled with parasites and needs a round of de-wormer.

06/27/09  12:41pm


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  Message To: Camo_pants   In reference to Message Id: 2029753

 Hugh problem...

Thanks guys for the help. and Info ...
But last night Scamper Lost his battle... He was in really bad shape ....
I tried everything i could ... But even when I finally got him to hold down a few meals ..
It was too late... I wish i could have got to him sooner..
But thanks to Everyone ..
R.I.P my friend Scamper , you are missed little dude..

06/27/09  08:04pm

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