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 Enclosure help

I’m wanting to set up a tokay enclosure, and I wanted to do so by using a reptarium. I know that tokays need the humidity fairly high, but i’m tired of using glass tanks, my whole room is filled with glass set ups. Would frequent misting make up for the reptarium holes. I would appreciate any opinions you could give me.

-Thanks Daniel

06/15/09  02:01pm


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  Message To: Daniel41708   In reference to Message Id: 2022709

 Enclosure help

Not sure if this will work but maybe put a bunch of tall live potted plants in there, damp moss on the bottom, get a room humidifier, frequent mistings and get a digital humidity gage so your readings will be accurate. Keep an eye on it and see how it does.

06/17/09  12:30am


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  Message To: Prettykttkat   In reference to Message Id: 2023693

 Enclosure help

You could cover the sides with see through poly, that would help hold humidity. I put a garbage bag on 2 sides of mine but it’s not the nicest look LOL

06/17/09  09:37pm


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  Message To: Camo_pants   In reference to Message Id: 2024260

 Enclosure help

Give them a few hanging humid hides and spray them down twice a day. They’re hardy little guys as long as you’re not living in a desert.

A mister on top of the cage with the mist falling down into the cage also helps. Don’t put the mister inside the tank though, can be unsafe for your tokays.

06/17/09  09:53pm

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