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 Tokays’ bites...

I have recently become even more interested in tokays , especially after seeing those crazy morphs that NERD has,
but I am wondering about their bite, not that this would stop me from getting one, i just want to know what to expect..

like how bad is it? are their teeth comparable to a leos?
I know they are two very different animals, and MOST of my geckos are not big enough to do any damage, except one.
I am telling this story, because now i know how bad a gecko bite can be,
this gecko is just over 3yrs old and 100g with a wicked build, and a strong triangular head and neck muscles,
he was always aggressive, but i was able to get on his good side ocassionally.

2 weeks ago he first bit a chunk out of a styrofoam meat tray, he removed a chunk almost the size of a dime,
removed, cleanly cut ...after several days it passed and was impressively crushed down along with digested cricket and mealie matter...
that day i was bitten quickly and the small punch holes left in the shape of his jawline bled somewhat,
the fact it was quick probably saved me, but it was then that i realized he had some seriously sharp teeth

then, last week he got me , bad...
on the first knuckle of my thumb, he got the loose skin when my thumb was not bent and he never let go,
i heard the bite and lifted him off the ground (the expletives i yelled were the only reason i didn’t fling him across the room,) he never let go as i lifted and after 5 seconds (waiting for him to let go) he viciously snapped his neck in an attempt to tear off a piece of me, and he fell back to the cage floor,

he managed to almost completely remove a chunk the diameter of a pencil eraser and about half as deep as the exposed part of one...
immediately i was bleeding profusely and it wouldn’t stop, i tried to pull of the hanging skin, as i knew it would never heal properly and i COULDN’t, and i tried, like....i yanked on it hard right after while it was still freshly done just because i wanted to get done with that part of it, and let the healing begin as they
...i had to cut it off with nail clippers... has healed, and i have really been taking care of it,
so for my long story the gist of the question is,
are tokays teeth just as sharp and dangerous as any LARGE geckos, or WORSE?
are they the serrated triangular little exacto blade -like triangles that my 100g large leo has?

and...can adults be tamed? or do you need babies?
I’ve heard they don’t let go,also.

thanks alot, and sorry for the long story

04/10/09  09:44pm


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 Tokays’ bites...


04/11/09  04:41pm


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  Message To: ThatGuy101   In reference to Message Id: 1983785

 Tokays’ bites...

They can and if allowed will draw blood. The store clerk where I ordered mine got a big surprise when he was attempting to box her up. Bit a hole in his for arm about the size of a half dollar. Ive had Tokays for 10+ years and have never got bit. (not that they don’t try) Use gloves when handling until your use to their actions.

04/02/10  01:43am


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  Message To: ThatGuy101   In reference to Message Id: 1983785

 Tokays’ bites...

A tokay will get much more larger than a leo, most think they get like 14 inches tops and the ones that get 16 inches + are just freaks, they are not, its not too uncommon to get a really big one. There heads are much larger, and there teeth are much sharper, the teeth are smaller than a leos, but there is way more teeth and they are much sharper. A tokay geckos bite is much more powerful than a leos, because they will jump from far distances to grab things to bring them down naturally, which requires a death grip like jaw. Kinda like a green tree python, which is also arboreal.

I have a tokay, and I think he will be a larger one, he is 13 inches long and when I recieved him this previous halloween he was only 6 inches, his body is about half as thick as the palm of my hand, and he has a huge head

04/17/10  04:38pm

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