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 Mourning geckos

what does a mourning gecko look like thank you

08/05/06  02:29pm


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  Message To: Chris87   In reference to Message Id: 924542

 Mourning geckos

Using that wonderful search engine called Google and when we type in mourning gecko we get the picture below.

Mourning gecko

09/06/06  01:57pm


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  Message To: Biggiy05   In reference to Message Id: 973465

 Mourning geckos

They are kinda creepy

10/02/06  05:06am


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  Message To: TurtleLady99   In reference to Message Id: 1005958

 Mourning geckos

they almost look like they are made of clay!

12/10/06  10:33pm


Dillon evans
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  Message To: GeckoGuy777   In reference to Message Id: 1090515

 Mourning geckos

they’re kinda ugly, lol. but not really, no gecko is ugly.
hey, totally unrelated question, but how do u post a link?
ive got a new site about some of the leopards that im breeding, and i would like to try and get people to even see it, lol (0 hits)...

01/23/07  11:24pm

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