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 He bites!

Why does my bd bite me when i pick him up. Then he sticks his toung out at me , it this normal!?

01/02/06  11:33am


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  Message To: ILUVFROGS   In reference to Message Id: 590429

 He bites!

hahaha sorry but thats hallarious:P

06/13/06  09:23am


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  Message To: Joeking   In reference to Message Id: 831282

 He bites!

Can you catch it on camera.

07/19/06  11:01am


Joe smoe111
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  Message To: Camanole   In reference to Message Id: 892810

 He bites!

mabey you tast bad lol!

09/26/07  10:04pm


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  Message To: Joe smoe111   In reference to Message Id: 1458559

 He bites!

i dont have a clue if thats normal at all but that tickled me what joe smoe said lol im creased, kaz.

10/18/07  07:16am


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  Message To: Kaz33   In reference to Message Id: 1482336

 He bites!

Uhh he bites you probablt because he’s not very tame..and he licks you bc bd’s lick everything..its like trying to see if the environment is safe..and they taste everything..

06/18/08  10:40pm

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