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 Can I hold them?

I love geckos that I can hold... I never want one if I canít hold it.

11/16/05  12:03pm


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  Message To: Cheeks   In reference to Message Id: 544624

 Can I hold them?

I am disabled in my hands and I cannot grip anything. The other day I placed my hand in Igorís (my gecko) cage, palm side down and Igor climbed onto the back of my hand. So I would say you hold them. Just be really careful about the tail.
Hope this answer helped a little. Good Luck

11/26/05  06:58pm


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  Message To: TGW   In reference to Message Id: 555607

 Can I hold them?

How do you hold them when i tride to hold mine she all moste got away i opend up the cage and tride to pick her up and she ran like 20MP up the cage and i got her be for she went under my bed.
how you have to tame them becouse my traneing is not working?

12/31/05  11:57pm

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