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 HELP..I donít know WHAT i have !!!

Is this a Mourning Gecko ???

Merry Meet,
I am Jenny AKA Gypsy, from the Bearded Dragon Forum and The Uromastyx Forum...seems I will be visiting you guys..because I rescued a Gecko of some kind today off the tip top of the wall at My neighbors post office where he works. ( Apparently it was shipped and escaped..NOT sure HOW he/she got there really though..)
OK anyway..could someone PLEASE look at this baby and tell me what i have and WHAT to do with it...I mean what they eat and if it is a daytime lizard or nightime...and really just all the husbandry..I stopped and got a Leopard Gecko book..but I swear I am NOT sure this IS a Leoparfd Gecko...SO here I am...inexperienced and freaking out..So PLEASE help u guys !!
Thank u SO MUCH, Gypsy
P.S. My neighbor thought it was a beardie like i have and called me to come get it...So THATíS how I eneded up with this scared baby today. It is about 3 1/2 or 4 inches long..TINY !! Also he turned dark in the box..but he was a TANNISH yellow colr CREAM I guess u would call it when he was on the wall..the same color as the wall actually...I havenít a CLUE what it is..but I will DO what YOU tell me and BUY what U say buy..I got the moss and moisteded it and put it in a dish inside another hide and also got the moon light and the under the cage heat pad and papertowels for substrate..I got pinhead crickets and gonna get mealworms tomorrow..if he IS a Leopard...I just am NOT sure until you guys tell me !

08/24/05  08:57pm


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  Message To: GypsyAurora   In reference to Message Id: 454340

 HELP..I donít know WHAT i have !!!

that is a house gecko

08/25/05  04:27pm

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