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 I need help and advice!

I have a young gecko roughly two months old named mickey.

When I first bought her (from a petsuppliesplus sadly) she seemed healthy and weighed a about twrlve grams.

She ate the first day she came home and happily continued to for the first week or so.

Then she began vomiting her food, refusing it and dropping weight fast. I took her to the vet where she was prescribed panacur for pinworms, we treated and got rid of them..but she didnt start regaining and was still losing grams.

The second vet visit we did a crypto test, then a second as the first one didnt have clear results, they both came back negative.

I feed her hills a&d pet food as instrucked by my vet, as well as one or two crickets(shell chase one and eat it but thats it) she drinks water, ive seen her do it and is still very active. I just dont know whats wrong with her.. if anyone could help thatd be great.

Water is changed every two days
Poo is removed everyday
Fed every day a mL of the hills food
In a ten gallon tank
On eco earth(is fed out side the tank)
Warm side roughly 90-94
Cool side 78-82(depending on day and night)
Poos look normal
Two negative crypto tests
Positive for pin worms and treated
She has stopped losing weight but wont gain anymore, she is currently stuck at 9 grams and hasnt shed for about three weeks.

07/19/17  05:20am

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