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Monkeyeatzyou   Crotus  

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 Mourning my Mourning geckos

Well I only had them a few short weeks. I have no Idea what went wrong. They were perfect just the other day. But today they were both curled up next to each other in the corner dead. Their eyes sunken in if not missing. I think maybe the bean beetles got to them. or they were in the heat and all the moisture evaporated? but the rest of their bodies were in perfect condition. This is such a bummer. I really liked them they were so cute and little. I didn’t even name them yet.

12/10/10  08:40pm


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  Message To: Monkeyeatzyou   In reference to Message Id: 2192083

 Mourning my Mourning geckos

They may have become dehydrated. Geckos, like anoles and other arboreal types of lizards, often fail to notice a water dish because they are in the habit of licking water droplets off of leaves. Therefore, I recommend that you include a leafy houseplant or two in your setup and mist it once or twice daily with some spring water.

05/07/12  05:13pm

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