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I tried the other one is around.....My leo just layed 2 huge eggs in her humid hide, but she moved the paper towels & I cant get the eggs off the bottom of the container, hey are stuck!! Also, the eggs look good but are soft. How do I get the eggs to unstick???

03/20/08  11:25am


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I’v never had this happen.... what type of hide do you have? I think you will need to take out the whole thing and incubate it... although unconvenient, trying to unstick the eggs will most likely result in tearing. I’m going by day gecko rules hear... they plaster them on the glass!! In the future maybe use a loose substrate in the egg box, my female laid her eggs directly on the bottom every time, but they came right out beacuse the little particles got stuck to the egg not the hide itself. I use coco fiber (bed a beast) I really like this stuff for egg boxes (I use paper towel for non egg laying females) beacuse it is easy to dig in for them, and it wont collapse on the eggs... Hope I helped.

06/14/08  05:45pm

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