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 Please Help - lost m. gecko

My mourning gecko went missing a few days ago. Im thinking she leaped off one of her hiding plants when I had the cage door open. Im getting desperate and coming up with some crazy ideas on how to find her.

I was looking for a sound file or video with sound of mourning geckos calling. I thought if I could play it in my room when it gets dark she might answer the calls and I could locate her possibly. Or at least confirm that shes still alive in here somewhere.

Ive come up empty on my internet searches and was hoping to find someone who keeps them that might possibly take pity on me and make a video clip or sound recording of them and send it to me. If you could do this, I would be eternally grateful.

Please respond at your earliest convenience as this anxious gecko-mommy is going nuts wondering where she is - and Ive looked in EVERY nook & cranny possible, repeatedly.

Thanks for your time reading this.

With much gratitude,

Michelle "Official Nature Nut"

05/06/07  11:45am


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  Message To: Luvfunstuff   In reference to Message Id: 1271801

 Please Help - lost m. gecko

put a couple of wax worms in a 1 liter and she will get in and not out good luck

05/27/07  10:15pm


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  Message To: Leoman23   In reference to Message Id: 1295935

 Please Help - lost m. gecko

I too have lost a lil one. I just bought mine yesterday and had them in a mesh cage I hadn’t realized there was a very very small home in the bottom corder and thats how it escaped. were you able to catch the lil guy? I think my cat may have gotten mine

11/29/10  11:40am

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