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Rydanko   Blue_leo  

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 Leopard gecko tail spasms??

My male leopard gecko has always had issues with shedding, so i spray his feet with shedding aid and it always seems to help him. But this time i went to go spray his feet (they spay is never near his eyes or mouth) and he jumps and turns around super fast and his tail starts having a spaz attack. I mean it was SHAKING. i leave him alone for an hour to reduce stress. i come back and the tip of his tail is still shaking, almost twitching. Has this happened to anyone else?? Any advice?

01/30/18  03:52pm


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  Message To: Rydanko   In reference to Message Id: 2321855

 Leopard gecko tail spasms??

Well, my Leo. Often vibrates her tail if she is hunting...
Or I have seen her shake her tail when playing...

02/01/18  05:47pm

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