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 Tempered Leo.

This summer, I got the cutest 5 year old leopard gecko. She came from my aunt who didn’t give her the attention she needed. She is very scared of me, I try each day to put my hand in her terrarium for at least 15 mins. I’m hoping she will get used to me. I also put a piece of a old shirt in her tank so she is used to my scent. She won’t eat if I hand feed her, she will only eat live crickets. She was having shedding issues and I tried to soak her in warm water as my aunt had said, but Blue
(My Leo) kept biting me, and for her safety I gave up (shedding issue solved). This is why it crucial that she gets used to me.
Any techniques? she’s adult so it’s hard.

01/17/18  06:04pm

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