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 Leopard gecko help

Okay so here’s basically what happened. My little brother(nine) decided he wanted a leopard gecko, so for his birthday my mom took him to Petco(not really a fan at all) to get him one along with everything he needed. He set everything up and for the first few days everything was great. But then he stopped caring for it and I started to feed the gecko and make sure it had what it needed. I have a general idea of what the gecko needs; an under the tank mat, hides, warm side and cool side, a night time lamp. But I noticed he’s been sleeping a lot not just durning the day but at night as well, it may be because I’m keeping my lights on all the time but sometimes he has a whitish yellowish line down his back. His tail has gotten fatter and so has his body, and I was the one to hand train him. I’d like some more tips on what I should do. I’m getting him a smaller cage since he seems to not really know where his heat source is sometimes and I’m getting him a proper thermometer as well since the one I got him broke. I’m not brand new to reptiles, I’ve had a bearded dragon for about five months now, I guess that’s still brand new but the point is I’m not completely clueless. Can I please have some helpful tips and correction on things I’m doing wrong? I’d really appreciate it.

11/27/17  10:02pm


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 Leopard gecko help

Hello! Sounds like you have a good start to leo keeping! The best tips are keeping proper temps, lots of hides, a good calcium/vitamin supplement and a wide variety of food items (gut loaded crickets, mealworms, hornworms, ect) .

Depending on how big your tank is, I would say that a leo should have no troubles finding his way around in most sized tanks (a 20 long makes a great size home). The best thing is to make sure he has several hides/sleeping areas in the warm, cool and hot spots, so he can regulate his temp as needed. (Also offer him a humid hide too to help with shedding)

I would guess that you are right that he isn’t coming out because of the lights. It is important to give them a proper day and night cycle. I typically do not run a night light (unless their room gets chilly), I just run their heat mat 24/7. Leos can handle a night time drop in temp-down into mid 60s. See if turning off the lights will help with him sleeping so much.

12/09/17  06:26am

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