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Kovu   Eris  

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 Please help with heating questions

Just got my leopard gecko about three weeks ago. The first week and a half went great she or he was eating and seemed to be adapting great. Then it stopped eating for a bout a week and a half. I noticed two of those morning it had a very dull color but then later in the day it was back to normal. I thought it was the tempurature in the tank. I have a ten gallon tank with an under tank heating pad. But at night my house drops to the low 60’s and during the day when I’m at work it is set to the mid 60’s. I added a red bulb for heating and it keeps the tank around 84 degrees. Should I be shutting that off at night or during the day. What’s the best way to keep my gecko comfortable. I don’t want to over heat my little buddy.. I should mention that it started eating again once the tank warmed up.

11/14/17  06:27pm


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 Please help with heating questions

Hello! Glad to hear that she is eating again for you! Sounds like that temps may of been an issue. I would get a thermometer for each end of your tank to monitor the cool and warm side. Not a bad idea to get a thermostat for your heat pad too (I use an infrared thermometer to double check, Zilla makes a good one that’s under $25) Be sure she has hides on both sides, so she can regulate herself as needed. Leos can drop into the mid 60s at night and no warmer than low 90s in the day.

12/09/17  06:42am

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