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Ms Lizard
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 Why did my gecko die

hi! im a new member and thought to seek your help u nderstanding why my gecko died? the gecko was a leopard tail gecko under 2 yrs old..he was healthy, active. his tank was 29 galswith a warm/cool side andhad a hiding spot for him and the moisture required. unfortunately he had belonged to a little girl that neglected him and wouldnt feed him or give him waterand he was forgotten til i decided to take him with me wanting to give him love and care...all that was shortlived when he died in my hands about 8 days latershowing no warning of health issues, no pain...No Nothing, but about 3 hrs previius he wasnt able to open his eyes. when i noticed i looked on internet for suggestion what to do.. rinse eyes with saline, that didnt seem to help but quickly after my gecko became still and his joints became clue what was going on i was enroute walking to vet....needless to say he died and i never got to vet. what could cause such a mysterious death?

09/28/17  10:00am

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