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 I’m new to the gecko community

So I have 2 baby leopard geckos. Before I got them I did hours of research. I have a male & a female. I got them from a pet store & they had them caged together so I assumed it was okay for me to keep them together. But I’ve had multiple people tell me to separate them because they will kill each other? But they seem to love each other & have not fought once since I’ve had them. Should I separate or should they be fine? The male is also smaller than the female. Female is very sweet, male is moodier since he is younger

09/02/17  10:03am


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  Message To: Gecko_momma   In reference to Message Id: 2321179

 I’m new to the gecko community

As long as they are not showing signs of violent behavior, it should be perfectly fine... don’t put two males together though ever.
Hopefully this helps,
Best of luck with your Leos!

11/02/17  06:28pm

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