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 A Few Questions - Please Answer!

I have two female geckos, Jambu and Leah.
I don’t know their ages or morphs, I got them from Petco.

I haven’t always been the most attentive to my geckos (I don’t neglect them obviously) but I am hoping to become better in the future! I’ve read up on geckos before I bought them, and I did it again just to make sure I was doing everything right, and I have a few questions.

Do they need to be fed calcium?
I know it’s definitely recommended, but is it absolutely necessary? I’ve had them for almost two years and I’ve never given them any calcium. I did read that gut loading crickets may be an okay alternative to giving calcium, is that true? Because I do feed the crickets a cricket diet with calcium carbonate (Fluker’s, I believe). They seem to be just fine, but I was worried because I must have missed that the first time I researched and I know it can have really bad effects if they’re under-supplemented (I have no idea if that’s a word but it should be). I’m planning to get some for them no matter what next time I go to get them crickets, but if it’s mandatory, I’m afraid I may have hurt them somehow by not doing it. I read up on MBD and some other common gecko problems and I checked my geckos out (I’m no vet, but I do what I can). They’re both walking fine, and their bones seem firm enough, as well as the jaw. I saw pictures of geckos with more serious and less serious MBD and they don’t seem to have it judging from my amateur examination and comparing them to the pictures. The problem is, I’ve never fed them calcium and they didn’t seem to have it in the tank at the pet store, so if they’ve always had MBD or weak bones, I wouldn’t know if something feels wrong. Also, it’s a little concerning to me when Leah bends her legs like this: Link . I’m not sure if that’s normal or a sign of bendy bones. I just picked up her hide and found her laying like this. This was them standing: Link . I’m not really concerned too much, as they seem okay, but Leah worries me more than Jambu. I think she’s also older, that might have something to do with it. They are in a ten gallon tank with reptile carpet, because originally we were keeping them separately, but they seemed much happier together and we just haven’t gotten around to upgrading the tank yet. I’m planning to get a 20 gallon when I go to the pet store today.

Do geckos lay unfertilized eggs?
Shortly after I got Jambu, she laid two eggs. They didn’t hatch, and we disposed of them. We assumed that it was like a chicken - laying unfertilized eggs. Does that ever happen? You can also see she’s kind of large in the stomach area from the pictures (this would be the best Link) especially compared to Leah. I know they store their fat in their tails, so what is the reason? Is she carrying more eggs? It’s been probably a little more than a year and a half since she laid the eggs, I’ve had them for almost two years. If she is, why wouldn’t she just lay them like last time? I did read that eggs can get stuck (that’s not a good description, sorry) in a gecko and it won’t hurt them. I think that may be what’s happening. But how did she even get eggs in the first place?

Short of a dehumidifier, how do I get the humidity down?
In their tank, the humidity is usually around 50-55%. I know that’s too high, but the temperature’s perfect and if I turn on fans it gets a little cold. I almost always have a ceiling fan going in my room, though. It means they can shed fine without a humid hide, and they seem to be functioning fine in the humidity. Does it even really need to come down? Do they always have problems if it’s too high? It’s also the middle of summer where I live, and the humidity should go down in the winter. Is there a better way to get the humidity down? Because I definitely will if I can.

How often do they eat and how much?
I think it may just depend on the gecko. Is that true? I’ve seen sites saying every other day, every day, and everything else. I’ve heard you should give them 2 insects every other day for every inch of their body, but I’ve also heard to give them no more than 5 every other day. They’re both adults, around 8 inches, and that varies drastically. I generally just feed them whenever the crickets are gone from the cage, although sometimes I forget (I know forgetting to feed your pets is terrible but since they don’t have a schedule it’s weird. Also, they never starve and both their tails are fat enough, so I’m doing something right, right?). Is there a concrete amount and time?

How often do I gut load crickets?
This one really varies. If I occasionally forget to feed the geckos, I will often forget to feed the food. Sometimes the cubes dry out, does that mean their nutrition is gone? I replaced dry cubes this morning. Do you just gut load the crickets once?

Thank you very much for reading!

07/23/17  04:34am


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  Message To: Anonyous   In reference to Message Id: 2320892


Do you have an UVB light? Because your not giving them calcium, they need another way to get D3. In the wild, they get this vitamin from the sun, or eating bugs that have eaten plants. If you don’t, you should probably give them calcium that has D3 in it. Without the calcium they can get MBD, metabolic bone disease, where their bones become rubbery and bendy. For the humidity, if you have moss, take that out. Depending on where you live, if it is very humid, like Florida and Louisiana, there isn’t much you can do.

07/23/17  10:06am


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  Message To: GeckoGirl123   In reference to Message Id: 2320896


I do not have a UVB light, I read that it isn’t needed because they’re nocturnal. I also don’t have any moss, so I can’t take it out. It’s kind of humid where I live, not too much though. And I am going to get them calcium with D3. Thank you for your help!

07/28/17  08:53am


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  Message To: Anonyous   In reference to Message Id: 2320920


UPDATE: I did get the calcium!

07/28/17  12:11pm

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