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 My gecko has a infection/swollen face- advice needed

This is my leo! (when he’s feeling his best)

Below is a list of he details/set up:
Name: Muzza
Gender: Male
Age: 3 Years
Weight: 120grams
How big was the reptile when you first acquired it? 1 month
Source (pet store, breeder, previous owner): Breeder
Captive bred or wild caught? Captive

Cage: type, size: Glass vivarium H:38cm W:76cm D:30cm
Substrate provided? Kitchen Roll
What types of hiding places are provided? Warm Hide (Log) + Cool Hide (wooden hide/balcony)
Is there a humidity hide? location? Put in hide lined warm water damped kitchen roll when needed
Please describe any other furnishings: Bowl for worms/roaches, Water Bowl
Lighting: UV Heat lamp / Natural
Only on at night (if needed, not if temp on warm side of Viv is 28-32)
Artificial lighting? Screw in
incandescent (“screw-in” bulbs): wattage(s) ? 50W
fluorescent (tube bulbs)? No

Do you have a thermometer(s) in the cage? what type? Radar Gun + Digital
What is the temperature in the warm part of the cage? under the warm hide? In the coolest part? Warmest Ground (hide) 31-35, Cool hide 22
What device(s) are used to maintain the temperature? hot rock, UTH, heat light, ceramic heater, other: Heat mat under half of Viv + Lamp at night
Are you using a thermostat? No
Which hide does she/he spend most of her time? Warm 60% Cool 40%
Is the temperature decreased at night? by how much? Try to avoid with lamp, 2-3 max

Is the humidity measured? Range: No
List other animals that are kept in the same cage: No
Recent acquisitions (new pets within the past 6 months) No
Are any of your other pets ill? No
List recent changes in the environment, if any: No

Insects, list type? Meal Worms, ****roaches, Crickets, Wax worms (treat)
Are they “gut loaded”? If so with? Sprinkled on food
How often do you feed your reptile? 2-3 times
Please list any supplements used. How are they given and how often? Calcium/Vitamin sprinkeld on food, teaspoon in separate bowl left in Viv for a few hours at a time
What calcium brand are you using? with D3, without or both? Reptilux
Is the calcium in the tank with D3 or without? Not sure?
Multivitamins? Reptilux

Please list any recent additions/changes in the diet:
If your reptile is sick, please describe the signs and how long your reptile has been showing these signs: Area around Eye appears swollen - seems unable to open eye
Is your reptile’s general activity level normal, decreased, or increased? Normal, possibly decreased slightly
Is your reptile’s appetite normal, decreased, or increased? Normal
Have you noticed any of the following?
Weight loss, Weight gain No
Discharge from the eyes or nose Yes slightly, not 100% sure
Increased breathing rate or effort No
Change in the droppings No
urates white or yellowish Bit of both
Abnormal skin color or shedding No Shed last Friday 14th July
Parasites on the skin or in the feces No
Weakness No

On Monday night noticed the area below his left eye is slightly raised and that he was not really opening that particular eye. Just put it down to waking up from one of his deep sleeps

Tuesday morning and the swelling seemed to have increased seems unable to open eye, bit of redness around the area also. Decide it’s time to call a vet. Looked around for a couple of hours to find a vet. Found one that was listed a few times in a few reptile forums/sites. Whilst they didn’t specialise in reptiles alone, they had quite a few dedicated webpages to reptiles plus a number of recent reptile patients on their Facebook page.
Appointment booked for Wednesday evening.

Woke up Wednesday morning, swelling seemed to increased a little today, not by as much as yesterday. Slightly more red around the area.

Off to the vets. Had a hot water bottle under 1/2 of his travel box (to leave a cool side), and was regularly checking the temps with the gun. He had his log hide (his favourite) in there with him to try to make him feel as comfortable as possible)

Vet handled him a little rough, he isn’t used to being grabbed (usually allow him to walk on to my hand initially). She then went and got a small cloth to wrap him up, leaving his head poking out. She visually examined the area and felt it slight saying it seemed soft which she stated was a good sign. Also had a quick look in/around his ear.
The Vet got him to open his mouth and said that he had infection. Showing us the area by opening his mouth again we *think* we could see a swollen and slightly inflamed area (I’ve never seen in his mouth as close and for as long previously, only when I catch him yawning!)

After giving him a quick weigh (120g) and leaving the room for a few minutes, she returned with the following:

(Antibiotic) Baytril Oral 2.5% 0.05 ml Once per Day for 10 Days
(AntiInflammatory) Metacam 0.5mg/ml 0.1 ml Once per Day for 5 Days (This seems too high, but think she mentioned diluting - Awaiting a call to confirm this)

She showed us how to administer orally with the small plastic syringes. Glad I can do both (one after the other) once a day instead of stressing him out throughout the day.

The vet asked us to return a week later so she could take a look how he’s getting on. Filled up the hot water bottle with some fresh hot water and back on the way home

Understandably he was a bit shaken up and tired because of all the travelling and prodding about. Just to make sure, cleaned out his Viv before he was returned home.

GF went out to grab him some wax worms as he definitely deserved a treat! (He’s lucky if he gets one every 6 weeks). She also went to get some mealworms (recommended by the vet during this week), as we only had roaches and crickets at home. He usually gets a mix of all three but the company that delivers his livefood only had the huge mealworms when ordering. Unfortunately the local pet shop (only one open at the time) was also out of mealworms so we will get some tomorrow elsewhere.

Once he was settled, dropped a waxworm in front of him. Glad to see he was interested in eating, wolfing it down after a few one-eyed attempts!
Will see how he gets on with his mealworms tomorrow. Haven’t seen him taking a drink since he was back home

Sit down to take look at the medication, and the metacam says on the box that its designed for cats! Obviously after seeing that I started researching both substances and am now doubting whether the vet’s diagnosis/treatment is correct. Googling both Baytril and Metacam in relation to leopard geckso / reptiles seem to provide very conflicting opinions around the use of each drug. Some are saying either substance could be potentially lethal, whilst others state either are ok if used in correct doses.

Today (Thursday) The swelling doesn’t seem to have increased, redness around the area is about the same as yesterday.

This has left me feeling a bit worried, any help regarding the following is greatly appreciated:
A) Does anyone have recent experience with either Baytril or Metacam?

B) Is there anything I should be documenting currently? Weight? Image/videos? Number of mealworms eaten? Store recent stools/urates for potential bacterial analysis later?

C) As I understand one is an antibiotic and one is a painkiller? - As the antibiotic will remove good, digestive bacteria, should I supplement with Reptoboost / Avipro? If yes, should this be during this week, or after. My concern is that adding pro-biotic etc whilst on antibiotics could result adverse effect? (No idea with this, vet never mentioned anything, just piecing together bits online.

D) Seen suggestions online to add a little diluting juice to take make flavour of Baytril more palatable?

E) Should I find an alternative (reptile specialist) vet for a second opinion? - if so should I wait until this new appointment before administering more of either substance?

07/20/17  03:32am


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  Message To: Gecko23   In reference to Message Id: 2320885

 My gecko has a infection/swollen face- advice needed

Did the vet say it was an eye infection?

07/22/17  08:43pm

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