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 My Male Leopard Gecko Isn’t Eating

I don’t know why but my male leopard gecko has stopped eating. When I first got him he was very timid, but started eating right away. He would eat up to five crickets a day and was bulking up quickly. I noticed he was getting to big for his ten gallon tank, so I decided to move him to a 20-25 gallon. This is when I noticed something was wrong. I had placed a big rock hide that he could go inside and climb on top of and going inside, along with a few other hides. It was on the cool side, and not the warm side. He would never come out of it to eat, drink, or even get heat. He would stay in there all day and all night. He was eating and coming out in the ten gallon, so I didn’t know what was going on. He started to get smaller, so I put him back in the ten gallon. He is coming out to get heat and water now, but isn’t eating much. I feed him crickets because he is picky about most other things, but he only eats about 3 a week. I’m concerned about his health and well being. Any answers?

07/19/17  05:46pm


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 My Male Leopard Gecko Isn’t Eating

I wouldn’t usually tell you to do this but maybe leave food in the tank.... my only worrie with leaving crickets alone with your small Leo is they could bite her, I’m not sure. Make sure there is one hide on each side but not too many... and some say they hid more in a bigger tank... so sorry that is the best I can do...

11/02/17  06:34pm

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