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 Seriously injured Leopard Gecko???

Hey everyone,
our Leo has a giant swollen portion on his front right arm that looks incredibly painful. It started out looking like his arm was swelling because his shed hadn’t come off correctly and was maybe obstructing blood flow to the area. However, I have given him luke-warm bath to make sure the skin on the area came off. At first it looked like it helped -- but that may have been my wishful thinking in hoping I had healed him.

His arm now looks incredibly bad. To the point that I’m worried it may be broken ... It has swollen all the way up the shoulder. It looks like his forearm has a giant red welt on it. And then the rest of it is just really swollen like I said. I’m not sure if the swelling can cause his healthy (not shedding) skin to split, but it almost looks like there are slight abrasions like his skin brushed over something rough in two spots. Any information would be helpful.

We know we should take him into a vet. We spent the whole of the day calling around asking if anyone took reptiles in -- it’s a no in our area. The only specialist in our surrounding vicinity expects an appointment. So we’d like to know anything we can here before we take him in.

Please let me know if there’s something I can do to help him.

07/08/17  09:32pm

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