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 Leopard geckos hating day heat lamp

i have two leopard geckos, James and Frankie, and they seem to hate the light bulb i use for daylight?
i’ve had these guys for a week now in a 10 gallon tank and they’re both fairly healthy (Frankie was injured by the previous owner and has messed up front legs)
anyway, they usually sleep all day and only come out of their hides when i change the light or it’s night, they barely even come out when they’re hungry (when i feed them suddenly they’re very hungry and pounce on their food, when i before expected them to eat very little)
today James responded to my hand in the tank and was okay with letting me hold her
i’m a bit worried because the lamp i use is cheap and i have to wait ten minutes for the light bulb to cool down so as not to burn me. it also makes weird bumps in the mesh lid
i use colored lights, the day time one is blue and the night time one is red, the brand being Zoo Med Reptile Bulb. i’ve heard using colored lights can injure your leopard geckos so i’ve considered getting an undertank heater and leave it there all the time

any tips would be helpful!

05/14/17  06:50am


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  Message To: Shiba1nu   In reference to Message Id: 2320673

 Leopard geckos hating day heat lamp

i got an undertank heater. i also got a low wattage light bulb just in case.
any other advice though would be great!

05/16/17  12:08pm


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  Message To: Shiba1nu   In reference to Message Id: 2320676

 Leopard geckos hating day heat lamp

The Blue Light is probably too bright for them. Use the Red Light during the day to provide the heat. Leos cannot see Red. Then turn the lamp off at night as a drop in temperature is natural for them as long as your house remains 75 degrees or above by itself. If you want to provide some light for them to simulate the day time I would suggest leaving your overhead light on, a table lamp on or open the blinds and let in natural sun light to provide day light. The heat mat is great to provide the belly heat that they love I would recommend keeping it lower than the 80-90 degree range that they like in the hot zone if it is functioning as a secondary. I turn all of my heat sources off at night as my house stays at 75 degrees by itself.

09/29/17  07:24pm

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