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 Baby gecko impaction going on week 2

Help please!! I have a 7 week old leopard gecko and I’m afraid she might die if something doesn’t work.
tank : 10 gallon
substrate : carpet
weight : 3 grams
temp : 85 am, 75 pm
morph : albino rainwater

My leopard gecko has been on a liquid diet for a week now. She hates it and barely eats most nights. I’ll spend half an hour to an hour just dotting her nose and waiting for her to lick it because she refuses to lick it from the tube. I’ve even tried waiting until she licks her face and then putting the tube near her mouth. She knows and just turns her head. I’ve also tried crickets again and she won’t even try to eat them. It does not matter if they are alive, dead, legless, all legs, tong fed, different colored tong fed, hand fed or anything. She has had two enemas for impaction in the last week but has not pooped or peed in days. She seems to have thrown up her carnivore care at least once in this last week. I am also doing 10 minute baths 3 times a day. After each bath I give her a belly rub for 5-10 minutes. Sometimes longer because she enjoys them. I also exercise her every day.
What I am also worried about was she had a dark black spot on her side that I (and the vet) assumed to be an organ. However, her whole back is now black as if it is spreading. Best case scenario, it is the impaction slowly moving through her. But it doesn’t seem likely for some reason, maybe I’m just being pessimistic.
I’ve had her stools checked (when she was pooping) and found no crypto, no bad organisms of that sort. The vet literally said she thought it was just a small case of impaction. But it seems to have become more. She is hardly eating at all and I fear that after a week of partially eating a couple of drops of carnivore care each day, she will die soon. Please help.

04/08/17  01:12am

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