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AllyJoe   Blue_leo  

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 Possible Impaction

So My little girl Nova spent some time under my mother’s care and i found out she may have been getting fed oversized crickets. I noticed she was loosing quite a bit of weight from her tail (which was very noticeable since she is still fairly young) and had discoloration to her belly. I gave her a nice warm bath and she passed a rather large stool but she still has some discoloration and still isnt fully active. she does however show more interest in her crickets (small sized of course). Is there anything that i need to be on the lookout for?

04/05/17  06:49pm


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 Possible Impaction

If this goes on bring Nova to the vet ASAP because these symptoms seem a lot like fatty liver disease (google it, when your gecko eats to much food) you should bring her to a vet because she will need care.
Hopefully this helps

11/03/17  03:11am

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