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 New baby with MBD

So I bought a small baby leopard gecko and noticed apon the man at the pet store taking her out that her/his front legs looked a bit noodly. Apon doing some research it turned out to be MBD. The guy didn’t tell us to much about how to maybe cure it and get the little one on the way to healing. So knowing that youtube had some good videos I found one that suggested using the calcium powder with D3 and also using vitamin powder supplements. I also checked other forums and they suggested mixing the powders in with plain chicken baby food (which seems to be working ok so far as she/he is licking it up when i put her/his nose in it a little. I also plan on picking up some dubia roaches (gut feeding them like a lot of forums seem to suggest) and replacing the baby food with mashed dubias.

I was wondering if there is anything else anyone can suggest to help this babies recovery.

03/23/17  12:59am

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