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 Leopard Gecko fading away! Help :’(

I was wondering if you could take the time to help me diagnose and or treat my two year old leopard gecko. I have a 2 year old leopard gecko who recently, maybe 3 months ago stopped feeding regularly. I am not sure on the sex but I say she since her name is Pandora. She stopped coming out at night to feed and I thought a few times it was because she was going through a shed but as the days and weeks went by I am not hearing her come out from her home. There are hardly ever any new poops and the mealworms sit in the dish untouched. She’s now about half her original size since she isn’t rounded out or full anymore. She has a hard time walking and tends to scoot in reverse as well. Her arms are skinny and she can’t hold her head up for too long. I have a heat lamp that I keep on when the temperatures in my California city get into the low 70’s. I always keep mealworms and a water bowl in the tank. She was on the generic sand that can be bought from petco or any other pet store. Although I just took the sand out since I found that it causes impaction... yes I clearly was tricked into buying this stuff /: I went to petco recently and asked an employee about her condition, might I add they were not able to help me again... so I bought a jar of repti-calcium since online it says leopard geckos with a possible deficiency lose a lot of their bone mass due to this. I have had it in with Pandora for about two weeks now but I see no improvement. I would hate to know that I am doing something incredibly wrong but I have no other options on how to keep her alive. Additionally, if it’s of any importance, my step grandfather and I got leopard geckos together at petco (yes, I know not very smart) but his is maybe 2-3 times as big as mine and is very rounded out and healthy so I would think that mine should be that size too but isn’t. I am hoping you can help me & if not, could you please direct me towards someone who could. I really don’t want to lose her.

02/06/17  10:17pm

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