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 Possible necrosis on leapord gecko

So here’s the backstory, one of my teammates got a gecko from one of her friends roommates, I have no idea about any past issues with the gecko, not even the gender. The gecko was healthy, appeared to be semi young, and eating a normal diet of crickets. I’ve had it for about 2 or 3 weeks. A couple days ago, I noticed that there appeared to be a part in the very middle of my geckos tail in which appeared to be burned. The section is a dark brown and appears to be shrinking and lost all the fat, while the top and bottom of the tail appear to be normal and fat, it is eating and digesting to be what seems normal. I am not sure what caused this. I live in Nevada so it is not humid at all, and I just use a heat lamp but it couldn’t get to hot to the point where it could burn itself on the hideouts or rocks in its enclosure. I cannot afford to take it to the vet as I am a high school student and my mom would have to be the one paying. I do not know what to do and I am worried. It does not seem to be in any pain, as I applied an antibacterial ointment to the effected area. I would like some help ASAP please. Thank you.

11/29/16  03:32pm


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 Possible necrosis on leapord gecko

Hello there,

A picture may help to see exactly what you are describing. Is it all the way around the tail or just a localized area? Gecko tails are able to detach in different areas, they can get a "fracture" which is like a partial break. However, detached areas typically show pink to red tissue. Another thought is to be sure there is nothing constricting the tail in that area, such as old shed. If it is just a local area, could be an injury or wound or a skin infection. Be sure to keep him in a clean area and anitbacterial ointment should be okay to use. Be sure to remove any uneaten crickets so they do not chew on him. Bottom line is that if it looks like it is getting worse or he becomes lethargic or has decreasing appetite, consult a vet ASAP. It’s always less expensive (with better outcomes) when pets are treated at fist signs of illness.

12/01/16  05:25pm

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