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 Fussy Albino not eating

Hi there not sure if this is be the right place, I have 2 geckos a hypo I believe and an albino for last 3 days I have not seen the albino eat, I have tried locust, crickets, meal worms and Mario worms will be trying silkworms again in a few days

the hypo would quite happily eat and eat, I wonder if it is down to weather outside becoming cooler or could it be something a bit more serious

I think she eats or eats something as I think she is poops

if it comes to it I do have a second viv, but if I can help not splitting them up would prefer it any advice would be very helpful thanks

10/11/16  12:00pm


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 Fussy Albino not eating

The hypo might be hogging the food try feeding in seperate tanks if that doesn’t help she could just be eating while your not watching them.

10/18/16  11:58am

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